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Gilles Prince – Bazadais

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Gilles Prince is from France. Gilles contacted me because he wanted help in identifying a cow in a picture he had taken in the area of Bordeaux. Our exchange was very pleasant and so I made that day's My Daily Cow a Bazadais.

Gilles then sent me this wonderful picture (see below) that he had taken of a group of Bazadaise (aka Bazadais in English). These cows were in the wetlands near the village of Arveyres, which is near Libourne, department of Gironde (33) about 30 kms from Bordeaux. The Gironde Estuary is where the mouths of the Garonne and Dordogne rivers merge.

Gilles also has two nature websites of his own: – about birds and flowers of France) – about the region of France called "Les Landes de Gascogne" (South-West)

Bazadais ©2009 Gilles Prince