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Camille Duthilleul – Froment du Léon

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Camille Duthilleul is from France. She sent me a fine photo of a Froment du Léon heifer.

Camille tells me that “this photo was taken at field Menez Meur in Hanvec village in Brittany.”

Hanvec is a commune, which is similar to a township or municipality, in the department of Finistère which is in the region of Brittany (Bretagne) in northeastern France.

Domaine de Menez Meur in the Parc d’Armorique of central Brittany has many little fields which are perfect for raising cattle.

Camille also said that this area is a home for conservation breeding and that small numbers of Breton (Brittany) breeds are “presented to the public” (i.e. made available for viewing). France is outstanding for its care and continued work in maintaining rare breeds.

Froment du Léon - heifer - France