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Tony de Bruyn – Meuse-Rhine-Yssel (MRIJ)

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Tony de Bruyn is from the Netherlands. I contacted Tony about participating in building The Cow Wall because I found three wonderful photos (see below) that he had taken of a semi-wild Meuse-Rhine-Yssel (MRIJ) and had submitted to the Project Noah website.

Tony took these photos on Dec 3, 2010 at:
Noordwijk, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Lat: 52.31, Long: 4.52

Tony says, “These are semi wild cows; they are used to graze the nature park near Amsterdam.”

I was unaware that MRIJ cattle, besides being a dairy breed, were used as 'landscapers' by the Dutch government. It reminds me of the Murboden breed.

Thank you, Tony, for your fine pictures, new information, and all your support in building The Cow Wall.

MRIJ_1 ©2010 Tony de Bruyn MRIJ_1 ©2010 Tony de Bruyn MRIJ_1 ©2010 Tony de Bruyn