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Elisabeth Bergsland – Dølafe

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Elisabeth Bergsland is from Norway. Elisabeth contacted me to participate in building The Cow Wall and has sent in two beautiful pictures of the Dølafe.

“Dølafe is a small Norwegian breed from the inland of Norway. In the valley of Gudbransdalen and Østerdalen you will find most of them,” says Elisabeth. “This is an old breed. The cows are smaller than Norwegian Red cattle and give less milk but they can graze in the forest and need less food than the bigger breeds.

“Some farmers keep this breed because it is a part of our cultural inheritance and to keep a genetic variety. Farmers keep them for milk and meat,” she continues. “The breed is good tempered and easy to handle.”

The first picture shows a dark two year old heifer. The second picture shows two calves; the white and brindle one is a Dølafe heifer calf. The brownish-red bull calf is, I believe, a South and West Norwegian.

I am very grateful that Elisabeth wrote me because I had misspelled the breed name 'Dølafe' on The Cow Wall. If it wasn't for her, that misspelling would have remained. I work hard to make certain that all information on Kranky Kids is correct – however I still need all the help I can get and gladly accept it. Thank you, Elisabeth, for your fine pictures and all your good information.

Dølafe_1 ©2012 Elisabeth Bergsland Dølafe_2 ©2012 Elisabeth Bergsland