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The Cow Wall® Alphabetical The Cow Wall® poster

The Cow Wall went LIVE for the first time on the walls of New Seasons Market in Vancouver (Washington, USA) for the month of October 2017. Yay!

What is The Cow Wall?

The Cow Wall is a daily on-going project. Cattle breeds are thoroughly researched and then made into Cow Wall images. Cattle breeds are sorted alphabetically and, when you go to a country page, the sorting continues by:
- authentic breeds
- various breeds
- import populations
- same breed/different names
- same breed/different spelling
- same basic breed/different names
- same basic coat

Where will The Cow Wall go? Schools, agricultural centers, state fairs, your street, your parking lot – anywhere, basically.

The Cow Wall - Screen

The Cow Wall® free-standing screen
(above image is a screen rough draft)
• 1,800 bovines (alphabetical and by country)
• 22 panels with up to 175 bovines on each panel
• panels listing sponsors

The two-sided screen will have cattle breeds in alphabetical order on one side and by country on the other side. One end panel will list sponsors facing both sides.

The Cow Wall - Gallery

The Cow Wall® gallery
(above image is a gallery rough draft)
Cattle breeds would be displayed alphabetically in one area and then displayed by country in another area – also with a listing of sponsors.

The Cow Wall - Touchscreen

The Cow Wall - Touchscreen
(above image is a touchscreen rough draft)
Why not have a touchscreen display for science museums, children's museums and agricultural centers? Displays that you could scroll and touch to select a breed, then see a map of where it's from, some history and what that breed's average height is compared to you – and that's just for starters.

How can you help?

FIRST - It takes money to print posters and panels. You can buy the My Daily Cow App (go here for a full description of the app).

SECOND - Send me your cow photos from anywhere in the world.

THIRD - If you think you have a better looking example of a cattle breed that is already on The Cow Wall – send that too.

Tell me:
- What breed you think it is (if you have any idea).
- Where on this planet you took the picture (very important) – name a city close by or some other geographic reference point or the GPS coordinates.

Send JPG, PNG, GIF. (Please do not send any pictures larger than 2 MB in file size or an email larger than 2 MB in file size.)

Send your cows to:

FINALLY - Spread the word! The Cow Wall is coming.