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A Cow a Day and a Reference Guide into the World of Cattle
A Comprehensive Cattle Compendium
A Bountiful Bovine Bestiary

You get a different cow every 24 hours
our sensational


shake-your-device-and-get-a-different-cow technology.

“Awesome App” - says The Dairy Mail

The My Daily Cow® App lives entirely on your device and does not use your phone data plan or require WiFi while in use. And it moos – go cows!

The UPDATE is UP – finally – What's new? High Res pictures and TONS more information (all verified with the DAD-IS database) — and the information is on each page now, just like you asked for, here's an example of the detail provided: Alentenjana

My Daily Cow®

Download this app when you purchase it and you're done with the net (except for updates).

Today's Cow

The Today gives you a different cattle breed every 24 hours or whenever you start up the app again after 24 hours.

Tap any blue text and that link will take you to whatever is being referenced. In the Today's Cow example below (which is a Serrano) – your first link takes you to a page listing all the Criollo cattle in the My Daily Cow App (see below):

Smile! You just learned that there are a bunch of cattle breeds that belong under the Group name of Criollo (kree-OH-yoh).

Useful Links Everywhere

Following our starting example from above, if you do not go to the page listing all the Criollo cattle but instead scroll further down the Serrano page – you will find another link that takes you to the Canary Island cattle breed page (see below):

But wait! You can still get back to your Today's Cow by just tapping the blue Today's Cow link at the top of your device – or – by tapping the Today tab at the bottom of your device (see above).


Can't wait another 24 hours for your random cow? SHAKE YOUR DEVICE! That's right – we've invented Shake-A-Moo! Every time you shake your device you get a different cattle breed and some very amusing moo-sound variations (see below sans the moo-sounds):

Shake it as many times as you like. Just tap the blue Today's Cow link (or the Today tab at the bottom) and you will go back to your daily cow.

Tap to Enlarge Your Cow

TAP any My Daily Cow cattle breed image to isolate it – and when you turn your device sideways – that image will automatically become LARGER (see below):

Tap DONE and you will return to the regular-size image and its information page (see below):

Your Cow History

The History tab opens a list of your daily dose of cow from all the days you have opened the app. It does not add cows on days when you don’t use it. All the cows are still available in the Reference section for you to browse or look up at any time. And remember, you can always just shake your device and a new cow will appear. Add any cow you like to your Favorites list (which you will find in the Reference tab). Because this app is not connected to the internet, it does not lurk in the background using your battery. (We also have no way of knowing what your daily cow is unless you email and tell us. Take a screenshot and tell your friends instead.)

Your current Today's Cow breed is always at the top of your History list (see below):

Cow Parts

Cow Parts is a section where you can roam about and discover over 100 cow parts – all of which are diagramed and/or explained. The main categories of Cow Parts are: Horns, Head, Neck, Legs, Body, Rear, Udder, and Stomach.

All blue text links take you to answers within the My Daily Cow App itself. For example, you can tap Stomach, and then tap abomasum, and then scroll down its page and tap reticulum next to the image of the stomach – and then read about the reticulum on its page (see below):

Or, on the Cow Parts page, you can tap Horns, then tap Longhorned, and then tap each example of a longhorned cattle breed and read about them (see below):

In-Depth Cattle Reference Section

Our Reference section has six different categories:

A-Z – all cattle, sorted by breed name
Groups – cattle breeds grouped by similar characteristics
Countries/Areas – the places where cattle breeds originated
Uses – cattle uses in order of importance for each breed
Glossary – bovine terminology and nomenclature
Favorites – the list you make of your favorite cows

Reference: A-Z Listing of Cattle Breeds

A-Z lists the 709 bovines we have in the app so far – cows, bulls, heifers, heifer calves, bull calves, oxen, and steers – in alphabetical order by breed name (see below):

Reference: Divisions of Cattle Into Groups

The Groups section shows you general cattle group divisions. Cattle breeds that share similar characteristics and originated in the same general area are categorized under these headings (see below):

Countries / Areas organizes cattle breeds by place of origin with 117 different countries and areas represented (see example below):

Say you're on a trip to Africa and you see a cow. Now, you may not know the singular breed name, but after getting familiar in this section with some different African cattle groups, you'll certainly be able to narrow it down faster.

Reference: How Cattle Breeds Are Used

The Uses section lists cattle uses (milk, beef, work, fighting – and more) in their order of importance and then shows you the cattle breeds raised for them (see below):

Why use the term 'milk' instead of 'dairy'?

Cows do not produce 'dairy' – they produce milk. Our research has shown that 'milk' is also a more universally understood term. This is why the My Daily Cow App lists 'milk' as a major use instead of 'dairy'.

Reference: A Glossary of Cow Terms

Our Glossary clearly explains over 160 bovine-related terms*, nomenclature* and anatomy. Can't remember how cows really digest food other than some cartoon version you got in a coloring book? Need to know those bovine body parts because you're an ag student? Then this is the app for you! (see below):

*terms - words or phrases used to describe something.
*nomenclature - the body or system of names in a particular field (like agriculture, which sometimes talks about fields, which can then contain cattle, and the list goes on and on and on . . .)

Reference: Your Favorite Cattle Breeds

The Favorites page lets you keep a list of your favorite breeds. You can add and delete cows any time you see fit (see below):

Info: Help

Need basic Info (i.e. information) for using the My Daily Cow App? Our Help section is simple and easy to understand (see below):

Info: FAQ

Our FAQ (i.e. Frequently Asked Questions) answers a few questions about cattle and the My Daily Cow App (see below):

Info: Questions and Feedback

Need to ask a question? Want to give some feedback? Think some information is wrong or needs to be included? Send an email. My Daily Cow will respond promptly (see below):

Info: Your Privacy Is Assured

My Daily Cow respects your Privacy. As we said before, this app does NOT stay connected to the internet. It is not looking for any WiFi or constantly refreshing itself in any way (see below):

Settings: Your Choices

In Settings on your device – you will find that the My Daily Cow App has 6 easy settings (see below):


When Opening, Always . . .

Show The Daily Cow when you open the app. If you choose to leave this turned off, then the last page you were on in the app will show up instead.

Reset All Tabs makes the app open on the first page of each tab when you reopen the app.

What does this mean? Say you've searched deep into the Reference section going from A-Z to Ala-Tau to Swiss Brown to Brown Mountain to Rendena to aurochs to Munich-Berlin cattle – and you closed the app (you could have gone much, much further but dinner was ready).

So where does that leave you?

If you have Reset All Tabs turned on, when you reopen My Daily Cow, you will lose your place. You will be back at the beginning of Reference instead of where you left off with Munich-Berlin cattle. It's your choice in deciding whether the app remembers where you left off or goes back to the beginning. Think of Reset All Tabs as closing a book without a bookmark.

Text Size

Bigger, Please does just that – it makes the text bigger for easier reading when desired.

Settings: Your Sound Choices

Yes, it moos!

You can moo when you're in line at the grocery store and want to make everyone smile. Your Daily Cow Sound can Play every time the app opens - or - Only For A New Cow - or - not at all. Your choice.

You have 5 different sounds (with two different cowbells) to choose from (see below):


Thank you for reading this. We hope you purchase the My Daily Cow App and also explore this Kranky Kids website for even more cow related info and pictures.


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