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My Daily Cow App Privacy Policy

My Daily Cow® does not look at or use any of your personal information: not your Address Book; not your location; not your pictures; nothing at all.

Once you install My Daily Cow®, it is complete. My Daily Cow® does not fetch any information from the Internet; it’s entirely self-contained. My Daily Cow® doesn’t use your network connection for any reason whatsoever.

You can send email to Kranky Kids® (the folks who make My Daily Cow®) using “Feedback” in the Info tab. Doing so tells your device to set up a Mail message with the To: address and the Subject: line filled in. Only Mail knows about your email address; My Daily Cow® never has access to it.

If you send email to Kranky Kids®, Kranky Kids® will have your email address. They will only use it to respond to your concerns. Kranky Kids®s will not use it for email marketing.

Kranky Kids® will never sell, rent, or give away your contact information to anyone else.

My Daily Cow® records your Daily Cows in its History list, along with the date the cow was shown. My Daily Cow® also lets you mark cows as Favorites, and they’re stored in the Favorites list (found in the Reference tab) along with the date and time you marked them. No personal information is stored in these lists. These lists live on your device, and are not shared with anyone. If you delete My Daily Cow® from your device, both the History list and the Favorites list are also deleted.

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